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Lochan House is home to a private collection of waterfowl in the North-east of Scotland. We have a few domestic ducks as pets but  the main collection includes more than forty wild species of whistling, perching, dabbling, diving and sea ducks and geese.

Waterfowl are easy to keep if you give them the basics – fresh water, space and protection from predators. Pelleted feed is readily available and they welcome a daily treat of wheat. We are happy to advise on all aspects of waterfowl care.

Kept in community flocks, waterfowl become quite confiding and soon accept their new families. Most species we supply are perfectly hardy in the North East as long as they have access to open water. We can advise on the needs of species from warmer climates, which may require shelters and dry straw in frosty weather. We generally supply birds as pairs, wherever possible these will be unrelated. Single birds are occasionally availble. Although rearing wildfowl is seasonal, we have some birds available year round. All non-native species are pinioned.

We are members of International Wild Waterfowl Association and The British Waterfowl Assosciation and are
listed in their Breeders’ Directories.

Visitors welcome by appointment
Easy access from the A96 at Blackburn, 10 miles west of Aberdeen               01224 791753